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WildSmiles Braces

14441 Dupont Ct Ste 100
Omaha, NE 68144

(402) 334-7171



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Prices That Beat Leading Elastics Providers

  • Each box contains 50 bags of 100 elastics
  • $29.50 for latex boxes.
  • $31.50 for latex-free boxes.
  • Once you've completed this form, you will receive a final invoice from us with your total cost including shipping.

Product Selections

Sizes available for order include 3/16" medium (Woody and Jessie), 3/16" heavy (Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head), 1/4" medium (Mickey and Minnie), 1/4" heavy (Donald and Daisy), 5/16" medium (Lion King), and 1/4" medium latex free (Aladdin).

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